McDonald’s: Winning at Global Marketing Strategies

Many franchises that market their products on a worldwide scale can either fail miserably or succeed in attracting their audiences overseas.  One company that is doing it right is McDonald’s.  They are a franchise that has succeeded in incorporating Global Marketing Strategies by taking advantage of the cultural differences each country has, by incorporating these cultural differences tastefully into their marketing strategies.  In this week’s blog, Elizabeth and I are going to examine just a few of the many successful strategies that McDonald’s has employed overseas and how they are able to encompass those cultural differences and deliver value to customers worldwide.

The video below displays various McDonald’s television commercials around the world.  It also shows how McDonald’s has incorporated appealing approaches to the different international markets.

If you jump to 2:13 you can see that the advertisements in Malaysia try to feature the importance of family values and how McDonald’s can bring them closer to each other. It is execution like this in international markets that helps McDonald’s continue to be a successful franchise around the world.  You can compare this to how commercials are in the United States and how it works domestically as well. In the United States, the franchise does not focus so much on the family dynamic, rather they focus on the food itself and fun that can be created by eating the food.  This can be seen below.

McDonald’s is also know for creating marketing strategies that appear in different countries, but are altered to fit the demographic.  For example, McDonald’s asked celebrity musician Justin Timberlake to do a commercial for the United States.  Although, JT may be popular in China, they franchise believed that they would be able to attract the Chinese market better by using a Chinese celebrity.  Jump to 0.18 to watch the video below.

They are similar jingles with the same tactic, to attract the younger age demographic of each of the countries.

McDonald’s winning strategy not only incorporates outstanding visual advertizing that relates to their international markets, but they also create options that satisfy the pallets of those countries that may not like all American cuisine selections.  These new options give those international markets the ability to enjoy McDonald’s while staying true to their cultural customs.  The figure below shows some of these options.  In India, a country where eating beef is frowned upon, they have created the “Pizza McPuff” and the “McVeggie.”   It is choices like this that make their international markets feel as though McDonald’s is trying to serve the country’s cultural differences.


            We can certainly come to the conclusion that McDonalds is winning when it comes to successful Global Marketing Strategies.  It is those ploys that bring us into their restaurants, get us to buy their fries and have moments like this…


Comeback next week as we will discuss Global Marketing Intelligence!

Elizabeth and Nicole

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