Kia launches new branding campaign

Kia has decided to launch a new global marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness and core beliefs in their brand.  They are calling it “Inspired by what you like, Kia, the power to surprise”.  Their main area of marketing this new campaign is going to be through TV ads and social media.  Kia plans to release this content in 7 languages and seeks to harness the power of social networks to help communicate and push its slogan as stated above.  One of the key roles in this campaign is going to be their customers.  Social networking sites will allow their customers to post what they like about their Kia’s in a localized place for everyone to see and read.  Kia’s main spokesperson, tennis pro Rafeal Nadal, was chosen as the face of this campaign.  The decision was a good one choosing an international star that can easy be recognized across many countries.  This campaign is quite a contrast to the core competencies Kia used to first enter the market, cheap and affordable.  But constant improvements in their designs and a stronger customer base allowed them to branch away from what they did best in order to obtain a more long term marketing strategy.  They are slowly developing what used to be a commodity auto mobile, into a global brand.

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  1. To me, Kia is establishing a strong brand here in the United States. Not just as a supplier of cheap sedans, crossovers and suv’s, but as a provider of premium vehicles at a lower cost than there non-luxury competitors. Kia and Hyundai seem to be two vehicle manufacturers that have begun branding their vehicles without fear that their brands will not be on par with the Honda’s, Toyota’s, Ford’s and Chevy’s of the industry. Kia has also done a great job of utilizing their branding with the sports leagues like the NBA and it’s star athletes to appeal to the African-American demographic and a younger, more value conscious consumer.

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