Coca-Cola: Bringing the World Together One Coke at a Time

Coca-Cola is that one company that no matter what country you are from, you can recognize their name and logo.  Why is that?  Well its because Coca-Cola has succeeded in utilizing Cross Cultural Marketing, to make their brand identifiable around the world.  Part of Coca-Cola’s mission has been, “To refresh the world.”  It is also part of their focus to “Possess a worldview.”  To achieve either of these, Coca-Cola has worked with their marketing teams to brand themselves as World Company, providing products that everyone can enjoy.

Just to start you off and put you in a feel good mood, enjoy one of Coca-Cola’s most memorable commercials signifying a joyous celebration and unity.

Coca-Cola has implemented many strategies to appeal to the international consumer.  These strategies incorporate cultural values and standards of each of the countries that they are advertizing in.  Furthermore, they are executed in a way that consumers can see themselves and identify with the people in the ads and feel an affinity with the Coca-Cola brand.

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As you can see in the ads above, Coca-Cola has modified each to properly market their product; changing the language and using models that match the ethnicity they are gearing towards.  The company works hard to match the interests of each country, including sporting events.  Coca-Cola can be seen advertizing in the World Cup, Olympics, and many other organized sports.  Below are a few ads that feature this.

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Coca-Cola over the years has been very successful in communicating its worldly message, “To buy the world a coke.”  By implementing consumer behaviors into their marketing campaigns they have properly utilized the idea of Cross Cultural Marketing and even breaking the barriers of cultural boundaries, bringing the world together one Coke at a time.