Angry Birds to Where’s My Water–A new look for new faces

Becoming almost an overnight success, Angry Birds, was able to transform how we think of mobile gaming and how big of a market you can expand into from that games success.  Today not only does Ravio Entertainment, gaming company responsible for Angry Birds, see revenues from it’s mobile game, but also sells over a million plush toys a month, as well as t-shirt and school lunch boxes.   It has even developed a comic strip online.  The point is no one can tell how far can this go?  Well Disney wants to find out with it’s Where’s My Water mobile game.  Disney is no stranger to character development but does realize that it could take millions of dollars and an extraordinary amount of time on something that is no guarantee, especially if you developing an new movie.  Evident in the Mars Needs Moms, a spring theatrically release that was anything but a success.  However they see opportunities in mobile game which is a relatively low cost way to develop a character and gain a strong following.  The end result hopes to be a movie and a new character to add to Disney’s repertoire.  This concept is not new and has had variations of success in the past with games like Tomb Raider.  There is a lot to gain here, even if Swampy isn’t as successful as Disney visions it will be.  The cost for developing this games as I stated early is pretty cheap and can easily be adapted to international markets making popularity almost endless as well as various revenues streams.